•    (Faculty of Arts) Chulalongkorn University,
•    (),
•   Ph.D. (Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation, SOAS) University of London, UK
Research Interest
Translation Studies
Youth fiction translation
Game localisation
Translation and youth
Sociology of translation
Research Projects (3)
2022 :
Sub-research project 4 Crossing the Language Barriers in the Pandemic Crisis: The Role of Translation and Interpreting during the COVID-19 under project set Pandemic in Thailand Pandemic without Frontier: The Landscape of Change in Contemporary Thai Society_Thai Humanities Forum_[Sub-project leader]
2021 :
Research and Development of the Scenario-Based Mobile Learning Application to Develop Dual Language Proficiency for Digital Young Learners_Mahidol University Mini-Research Cluster (MU–MiniRC) [researcher]
2020 :
Socio-cultural Role and Impact of Translated Fantasy Fiction on the Field of Thai Youth Fiction during 2000-2010
Publications (5)
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Techawongstien, K . (2017). “Book review”. Manusya: Special Issue. , 23, pp. 98-101.
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Other Products (4)
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