•   B.A. (English) Faculty of Humanities, Kasetsart University, Thailand
•   M. Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction)College of Education & Human Services, Cleveland State University, USA
•   Ph.D. (English Language Teaching) Language Institute, Thammasat University, Thailand
Research Interest
Psychology of Language Teaching and Learning
English for Specific Purposes
English-medium Instruction
English as a Global Language
Q Methodology
Research Projects (3)
2023 :
Q as a methodology to evaluate tertiary-level EMI programs
2021 :
Research and Development of the Scenario-Based Mobile Learning Application to Develop Dual Language Proficiency for Digital Young Learners_Mahidol University Mini-Research Cluster (MU–MiniRC) [researcher]
2020 :
ELT Master’s Programs in Thailand: Focused Areas, Research Trends, and Enrollment Decisions
Publications (16)
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