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Research Topic :
"Selling Thai-ness" to Westerners: the social and development impacts of marketing "Thai-ness" on entrepreneurs and people who work in the small-scale service sector
Faculty / Program : Dr.Sirijit Sunanta, Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University
Background and Significance of Research :
This research studies the opportunities for and social consequences of "selling Thai-ness" to Westerners within Thailand's strategy for tourist-driven development. First, we examine the opportunity structure for viable small-scale businesses, such as spas, or massage parlours, that sell distinctive "Thai" services. How do entrepreneurs market "Thai-ness" as a cultural product for Westerners? Second, we address the social consequences of selling "Thai-ness" for people (especially women) who work in this sector. How does this impact on the working lives, life-chances and personal wellbeing of individuals, and on their families? Third, our inquiry is embedded in a case study of the tourist city, Hua Hin, so that we examine the small-scale service sector's contribution to socio-economic development, and its related social consequences, within a specific field and policy context. Fourth, we study how "selling Thai-ness" works as a strategy for Thai women migrants in their efforts to improve their life-chances in Britain.
Research Scope/ Area of Studies :
Objectives :
1. Study background context of development policies, socio-economic growth, social consequences of tourism at national level and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
2. Study factors shaping sustainability and development contribution of small-scale businesses in Hua Hin
3. Study individual experiences of working in service provision and perceived impacts on individual social mobility, life chances, and personal wellbeing
4. Disseminate evidence-base policy proposals on sustainable development of tourism services and raise awareness of social consequences
Funding sources : The Thailand Research Fund, Newton Advanced Fellowships
Affiliation : University of Sussex
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