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Research Topic : Female Labour Migration in Care and Domestic Work in ASEAN and Skill Development Opportunity
Faculty / Program : Dr.Ratchada Jayagupta - Chulalongkorn University
Dr.Sirijit Sunanta, Assistant Professor - Mahidol University
Dr.Roengchai Tansuchat - Chiang Mai University
Dr.Siwaporn Fongthong - Khon Kaen University
Jidapa Meepien - Independent Academic
Waranya Jitpong - Chulalongkorn University
Background and Significance of Research :
The issue of women migrant labor is an important one not only when comparing the work experiences of men and women, but also in terms of the extent of inequality today. In multiple dimensions – not just between men and women but women and women as well – labor mobility and transnational migration trends do not bear out claims of progress on the question of women's well-being. For this reason, the study of links in gender issues, labor mobility and migration at both the national and transnational levels is important for establishing a new body of knowledge in this field of study.

The concept of gender and migration in relation to women is often linked to housekeeping activities. According to the current situation in Thailand, there has been a rapid increase in the number of elderly as Thailand transitions towards an aging society, and this is reflected in the population statistics, with over 65s, representing 11 percent of the Thai population in 2016.

Moreover, a large number of foreigners reside in Thailand on retirement visas - 58,249 in 2014, of which 1,384 were citizens of ASEAN countries. Because the elderly community has become such a significant part in Thai society, preparations to provide the right kind of support for them is vital. This necessarily involves the participation of various groups, primarily care workers and domestic workers.

The expansion of human capital is essential in order to reduce the inequality gap, especially for domestic and international workers, which can be done through standardized work training to enable them to successfully undertake the standardized skill testing conducted by the Ministry of Labor. This will benefit both the women themselves and their clients such as the elderly, who can be assured of quality care in response to the government's national development policy to promote Thailand as an international health care hub.
Research Scope/ Area of Studies : Bangkok Metropolitan Region, KhonKaen, Chiang Mai and Phuket
Objectives :

1) To study national and transnational labor mobility for women in healthcare and domestic work in Thailand
2) To study trends and work conditions of national and transnational women workers in healthcare and domestic work in Thailand
3) To study social, culture and economic dimensions of national and transnational women workers in healthcare and domestic work in Thailand
4) To support public and private development, and private organization networking related to women labor in healthcare and domestic work
5) To support the protection and human development of national and transnational women workers.

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Affiliation : Khon Kaen University, Chiang Mai University, Mahidol University and Chulalongkorn University
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