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Research Topic :
Village Panchayat Engagement to Drive Self-help Communities
Faculty / Program : Dr.Kanopporn Wonggarasin, Assistant Professor
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University
Background and Significance of Research :
Local body plays very significant roles to drive self-help programmes in village communities. The activities of self-help groups include economic improvement, proper behaviour and community moral. Panchayat is for Indian local govermnet which exit into 3 levels. In Thailand, it is called Subdistrict Administrative Organisation or S.A.D. The 2 places, how they can support the groups to be effective self-help programmes.
Research Scope/ Area of Studies :
10 villages at Dibrugarh distict, Assam, India
10 villages at Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand
Objectives : 1) To study the significant activities of village panchayat to drive self-help communities through programmes at Dibrugarh distict, Assam, India.
2) To signify the active programmes lead by village panchayat, India and Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, Thailand.
Funding sources :
MOU cooperation within Indian Council of Social Science Research(ICSSR) and National Research Council of Thailand(NRCT)
Affiliation :
Dibrugarh University, Assam, India
Interested person :  
Cooperation level :  
Utilization of Research :
Published paper and exchanged research data with scholars from India and Thailand at The 13th NRCT-ICSSR Joint Seminar on Thailand - India's Unexplored Opportunities on 16-17 February 2019.
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